IntelliCENTER® Technology: Integration to a Plant-wide Ethernet Network

IntelliCENTER® Technology: Integration to a Plant-wide Ethernet Network

Need a better way to monitor
and manage your MCCs?


IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs provide
a fully integrated system with an
intuitive and simple user experience.

IntelliCENTER® Technology: Integration to a Plant-wide Ethernet Network

Need a single industrial network
across your entire plant?


The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP
network architecture seamlessly
integrates with the plant network.

IntelliCENTER® Technology: Integration to a Plant-wide Ethernet Network

How can your MCC improve
your plant's operations?


IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs
are reliable and robust.

IntelliCENTER software provides an intuitive user experience

IntelliCENTER software offers a virtual representation of your MCC lineup.

  • Factory configured software specific to your MCC
  • A more simplified user experience
  • Monitor, diagnose and modify your MCC from anywhere
  • Real-time energy consumption analysis
  • Use data-trending information for predictive maintenance
  • Access electronic documentation
  • Integrate IntelliCENTER software features into your separate HMI with included ActiveX controls

Easily view the overall health of your intelligent MCC

The system view is a graphical representation of your entire MCC lineup.

  • View a virtual representation of your MCC lineup
  • Gain a quick snapshot of the health and status of your MCC lineup
  • Determine the condition of the Intelligent Motor Control devices in the MCC
  • Easily navigate to each device's monitor view
  • Rearrange the system view to reflect physical changes to your MCC lineup

The monitor view displays an overview of the intelligent motor control devices being monitored.

  • Change device configuration and network parameters
  • Trend real-time data and monitor MCC status to help reduce unplanned downtime
  • Customize which parameters are displayed for each device using the configurable analog gauges, trend graphs and I/O status fields

Access and manage the drawings, manuals and spare parts for your intelligent MCC

Asset management in IntelliCENTER software includes a complete set of documentation for your MCC.

  • Manage documentation for your MCC
  • Help reduce troubleshooting time by accessing the exact manuals that were shipped with your MCC
  • Examine control circuits using your specific MCC wiring diagrams
  • Update or add unit or lineup documentation
  • Review event logs to view device status history
  • Manage spare parts inventory for your MCC devices

Diagnose potential downtime issues with your MCC before they occur

Take advantage of your Intelligent Motor Control devices to detect anomalies in your process before they lead to a downtime condition.

  • Set device warning thresholds that are specific to your application
  • Monitor and trend device parameters to detect when thresholds are being exceeded
  • Take preemptive action to investigate potential issues
    • Helps avoid device failures, unscheduled downtime
    • Helps maintain your application is running efficiently

Easily monitor and analyze historic MCC device-level energy information

The IntelliCENTER Energy software feature can be used to monitor your MCC's energy usage.

  • Help save on potential energy costs by monitoring your MCC's energy consumption
  • Display key energy values over time with calendar trend
  • Collect data for any time period – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Trend key parameters simultaneously and export data for further analysis
  • Expand the energy functionality of IntelliCENTER through the rest of your plant with FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™

Automatically integrate your MCC into your Logix control system software

The IntelliCENTER software Studio 5000® Integration Assistant feature helps save on valuable commissioning time.

  • Import devices within your MCC into your I/O tree in the Logix designer environment
  • Device Add-On Profiles (AOPs) auto-generate device tags
  • Incorporate MCC changes into your existing Logix designer environment

PlantPAx, Process Control Systems Integration

  • Improves process efficiency with readily accessible IED data
  • Helps you achieve plant-wide energy and power reliability
  • Offers predictive and preventative diagnostics for your Intelligent Motor Control Devices and IEDs in one system
  • Helps limit personnel exposure to IEDs and enhance safety

The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP network architecture
seamlessly integrates with the plant network

  • EtherNet/IP is an open standard – supports commercially available devices
  • Topology flexible – choose between linear, star, ring, and/or a combination

Ensure your plant network flexibility needs are met

  • IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs use a switch-level linear/star topology
    • Interact with other topologies used on your plant floor
    • Promotes ease of maintenance, expandability and quick replacement of intelligent devices

Make certain your MCC can be maintained over time

The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCC switch-level linear/star topology provides the serviceability that you demand.

  • Service units without affecting network communications
  • Move units into different locations with ease

Ensure your MCC can expand as your plant grows

The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCC allows for future expansion to help ensure your plant needs are met through the years of its service.

  • Offers backwards compatible hardware and software
  • Easily add sections to an existing lineup by linking switches within each section
  • Add units to an existing section through the use of vertical wireway Ethernet adapters

IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs support up to 10 switches in a single uplink.
Additional uplinks can be used as needed to include more switches.

Easily replace intelligent devices in the event of a failure

Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) helps to make replacing devices easier and helps to get your plant back up and running.

  • Simply replace the failed device and the system will set all necessary parameters including:
    • IP address
    • Device firmware
    • Device parameters
  • Removes the need for expertise in software tools to get your MCC back up and running

Help ensure your MCC network architecture is highly available

Device Level Ring (DLR) provides switch level ring redundant path topology in your MCC.

  • Adds single fault tolerance to your MCC switch network
  • No additional hardware required – simply enable the DLR feature included with the Stratix 5700™ managed switch
  • The switch-level ring/star topology helps maintain the serviceability of the MCC while providing a level of redundancy
  • Maintains ADC functionality

Help protect your MCC from unauthorized network access
and mitigate network traffic issues

The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCC utilizes the features of the Stratix 5700 to help ensure your MCC devices are securely communicating on the network.

How do I segregate areas of my plant network?

  • Allows a network to be segmented into small broadcast domains without the need for extra hardware. Network segmentation is a vital tool for both network traffic mitigation and network security
  • Enhances network security by limiting the devices that can communicate with each other

What control do I have over the switch ports?

Advanced Port Control
  • Control which switch ports devices can access
  • DHCP port persistence: control the IP address of the connected devices on a per port basis
  • Port enabling: control which ports are accessible to use on the switch
Advanced Port Control

Is there a way to optimize the port configurations that increase switch security?

Smartports and CIP Port Control
  • CIP port control allows secure access to the network based on machine conditions: idle, running and fault
  • Smartports provide set configurations to optimize port settings and allow to control what device can connect through MAC ID filtering
Smartports and CIP Port Control

Can I control who can access my switch configuration?

Advanced User Authentication
  • Centralized authentication provides a secure mechanism for user authentication, authorization and accounting
TACACs+ and RADIUS Authentication


CENTERLINE MCCs offer the safety, performance and reliability to help meet your global needs. The portfolio offers the flexibility to select the right components, enclosures and networks to fit your applications.

  • Integrate control and power in one centralized package with a wide variety of motor control options
  • Help protect personnel with industry leading ArcShield™ arc resistant enclosures and SecureConnect™ plug-in units
  • Reduce unplanned downtime with IntelliCENTER technology to monitor status of your devices
  • Select the MCC design to meet your local standards and certifications—CENTERLINE 2100 for NEMA and CENTERLINE 2500 for IEC

IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs are reliable and robust

The IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCC helps to ensure a connected, flexible and reliable intelligent MCC through:

  • Stratix 5700 Layer 2 managed switches
  • 600V UL-listed Industrial Ethernet copper cabling
  • Portfolio of Intelligent Motor Control devices from Rockwell Automation
  • Firmware normalization across like devices upon MCC shipment

Use infrastructure devices to keep
your network running efficiently and reliably

IIU Our IntelliCENTER Integration Unit delivers a common experience when you communicate with devices over the IEC 61850 standard.

Network Health Management

    Network health is vital to help ensure that data driven applications can run as efficiently as possible on the plant floor

  • Choose the switching protocol for your needs
    • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) helps to ensure data has an efficient path between switches
    • Device Level Ring (DLR) provides network resiliency with rapid recovery times – ideal for applications that require redundancy
    • IGMP snooping manages multicast traffic by sending it to only the devices that require the data – helping to reduce the amount of bandwidth required for multicast traffic
Network Health Management

Network Diagnostics

The Stratix 5700 provides a range of network diagnostic features that help to resolve issues quickly and ensure network optimization.

  • Port mirroring helps a technician troubleshoot network traffic issues without interfering with the service of the network
  • Syslog provides a central location for network system messages including notifications, warnings errors and alerts
  • Broken wire detection helps to monitor cables to determine if there is an open, break, short or cut in the cable
Network Diagnostics

Network Device Management

Common IT network management tools make managing your plant network the same as managing your enterprise network.

  • SNMP provides IT with a familiar protocol to monitor and configure network-attached devices
  • Smartports allow ports to be optimized to the attached devices – automation devices, switches, or PCs
  • DHCP per port provides automatic IP address setting for devices; used with ADC for a seamless device replacement process
Network Device Management

Network Security

The Stratix 5700 provides the network functionality for a secure, reliable industrial network.

  • Smartports provide MAC address filtering to limit one device to one port connection
  • VLANs help simplify the enforcement of network security policies by segmenting devices on the plant network
  • User authentication can be controlled through centralized authentication tools
Network Security

CENTERLINE 2100 IntelliCENTER Technology provides the switch and Ethernet connection flexibility that your application requires

Switch Mounting Flexibility

Unit Mounted

  • Maximize space for motor and power cables in your horizontal wireways
  • Use higher port capacity Ethernet switches to optimize the EtherNet/IP network in your MCC
  • Increase ease-of-maintenance by putting switches in a top or bottom unit location
  • Viewing window allows for safer switch status validation without opening unit doors
  • The IntelliCENTER Integration Unit simplifies your connection to IEDs to your process control system:
    • Provides a standard interface to the IEC 61850 network
    • Uses Rockwell Automation library of electrical protection devices to provide control strategies
    • Can function with up to 40 IEDs
    • Easier to program with standard Studio 5000® toolset
    • Offers faceplates to help verify the correct device for you application

Switch Mounting Flexibility

Horizontal Wireway Mounted

  • Maximize the available unit space in your MCC by putting switches in either the top or bottom horizontal wireway

Connection Flexibility

Homerun Cabling

  • Help reduce cabling costs and enhance troubleshooting by running the communication cables directly from the intelligent device to the Ethernet switch

Connection Flexibility

Ethernet Adapters

  • Vertical wireway Ethernet adapters allow you to easily connect and disconnect unit EtherNet/IP communications without needing to enter the unit

Additional Flexibility

Switch Options

  • Switch options for your specific network and application needs
    • Lite or Full Firmware
    • Gigabit Uplink Ports
    • CIP Sync (IEEE 1588 Time Synchronization)
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Variable switch port capacity
  • Viewing window to monitor switch status with unit door closed
  • I/O terminal block for easy connections to switch I/O points
  • Unit door locking latch to physically secure the switch

Additional Flexibility

Switch Groups

  • A switch group is made of sections and Ethernet devices within those connected sections
  • The size is defined to meet your application needs and delivers a fully optimized EtherNet/IP option
  • Switch group configuration can vary with the MCC lineup:
    • Span multiple shipping splits
    • Include up to nine sections
    • Can bundle Ethernet connections at the factory
    • Ethernet conections are cooled in the horizontal wireway

Utilize the industry exclusive 600V Industrial Ethernet cabling for noise immunity

Helps to verify your EthererN/IP data is immune to the electrical noise that can be present within an MCC.

  • AWM and PLTC rated with UL/cUL listing
    • Designed for use with high voltage power cables
    • AWM (Appliance Wiring Material) rating allows use within an assembly, while PLTC (Power Limited Tray Cable) rating allows for use between assemblies and in cable trays. Coupled together these ratings help to ensure that your 600V Ethernet cable is not only noise immune but also meets applicable electrical codes.
    • Passed Vertical Tray Flame Test
  • Helps to provide a reliable network connection in harsh conditions
    • Protected from electrical noise, chemicals, thermal and mechanical issues
  • Cat 5e rated for 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s, or 1Gb/s data speeds

Leverage ease of use device connectivity

Gain access to your connections quickly and efficiently

  • 24V DC power is routed throughout the vertical wireways of the MCC to wireway power adapters
  • The EtherNet/IP network is routed throughout the vertical wireways of the MCC directly to the intelligent devices (homerun connections) or to wireway Ethernet adapters
  • These optional 24V DC power adapters and Ethernet adapters allow you to easily move or add devices to your MCC without having to reroute network cabling

Gain access to your connections quickly and efficiently

Ethernet connections and 24V DC power connections are automatically connected and disconnected upon unit insertion and removal

Commission, maintain, and troubleshoot your CENTERLINE 2100 IntelliCENTER MCC with EtherNet/IP network documentation and cable labeling

Intuitive network tables and diagrams, coupled with detailed labels on all Ethernet cables provide all the information necessary to easily review all network connections.

Ethernet Cable Labels

Descriptive labels on both ends of each Ethernet cable contain all necessary connection information.

  • These labels help the user ensure that the appropriate Ethernet connections are made and decrease network troubleshooting time
  • A legend to help users easily interpret the cable label string is conveniently located next to each Ethernet switch and in the MCC documentation

Ethernet Network Tables

Comprehensive Ethernet network tables are included with each IntelliCENTER system, allowing you to easily find:

  • Ethernet network connection information
  • IP addresses and subnet masks
  • Intelligent device and switch locations
  • Electrical current draw

Ethernet Network Diagrams

A detailed set of Ethernet diagrams is included with each IntelliCENTER MCC

  • You can use these diagrams to easily visualize Ethernet network connections and decrease network troubleshooting time

Firmware and Parameters
(from ISC)

  • We document the output of the plant enhancements we have in place for FW normalization and end-device parameter configuration...
  • Device FW versions and unique, non-standard device parameters are documented

Take advantage of industry leading Intelligent Motor Control devices in your MCC

IntelliCENTER EtherNet/IP MCCs seamlessly integrate the Intelligent Motor Control devices your application needs.

  • Remotely monitor, diagnose and modify intelligent device parameters
  • Trend input/output in real-time to help ensure operating efficiency
  • Integrate motor control with Logix controller applications through the use of Add-On Profiles