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Change the "Personality" of the Base Unit Controller with Space-saving Plug-in Modules

  • Extend the functionality of embedded I/O without increasing the footprint of your controller
  • Increase communication functionality
  • Utilize Encompass Product Partners' expertise to add enhanced capabilities with tighter integration to the controller
  • Plug-in flexibility applies to Micro820, Micro830 and Micro850 controllers

Plug-In Variety

  • DeviceNet Scanner NEW!
    • Enhances Micro800 communication capabilities up to 20 nodes of PowerFlex AC drives or CompactBlock LDX I/O
    • Reduces wiring and installation costs for larger standalone machines that have distributed drives and I/O
  • Motion High Speed Counter NEW!
    • Supports Touch Probe Input in hardware for exact registration of axis
    • Provides position verification for servo feedback and encoder feedback modes