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Expandable Micro PLC with Ethernet

  • The Micro850 controller is equipped with the same form factor, plug-in support, instruction/data size and motion capabilities as the 24-pt and 48-pt Micro830 controllers
  • Designed for larger standalone machine applications that require more I/O or higher performance analog I/O than supported by Micro830
  • Embedded motion capabilities support as many as 3 axes of motion
    • Up to three 100KHz Pulse Train Outputs (PTO) for low cost wiring to steppers and servo drives
    • Up to six 100KHz High-Speed Counter inputs (HSC)
    • Single axis moves supported via Motion Function Blocks
    • Basic motion instructions include Home, Stop, MoveRelative, MoveAbsolute, MoveVelocity
    • TouchProbe instruction for registering exact position of an axis based upon an asynchronous event
  • Embedded Ethernet port for higher performance connectivity (than serial) to HMI
  • EtherNet/IP for Connected Components Workbench programming, RTU applications and HMI connectivity.
  • Support up to four Micro850 Expansion I/O modules
  • Up to a maximum of 132 I/O points (with 48-pt model)