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Micro800 PLCs and Connected

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Convenience and Connectivity

  • Entire family shares common components and accessories
  • Easy programming with embedded USB port
  • Ethernet, Serial and DeviceNet communications

Just Enough Control

  • Wide range of small-size controllers (built-in I/O from 10-48pts)
    • Selected models are expandable with additional plug-in and expansion I/O modules for greater I/O points and functionality
    • Designed for standalone machine applications
  • Plug-in modules personalize the Micro800 controller, so you pay only for the capabilities you need

Easy to Install, Program and Maintain

  • IEC61131-3 standard instructions
  • User Defined Function Blocks for sharing and reuse of code
  • Structured Text, Ladder Diagram and Function Block editors that support symbolic addressing
  • Removable terminal blocks for easy installation and maintenance (select form factors)